Thursday, June 23, 2005



The money wire saga continues.... Well, I thought that the money had been wired to China, only to receive a phone call from my bank saying the the people who do the wire cannot find a bank with the name that I had given them. I immediately emailed my contacts in China with this information, and suggesting that I either bring or FedEx a money order to them. This morning I awoke to find an email with some interesting changes. The address for the bank was the same, as was the account name. But the name of the bank and the account number were totally different! They also supplied a Swift Code (used for wiring money), which I did not have before. I called my bank's wire person at 8am and gave her the information. I just called her again, and so far (as of 4pm), she has not heard of any problems. If it does fail again, then they will need to accept a personal check from me -- which would be more risky for the travel agency (though it would not bounce!)

Other than that, we're just hanging out in Phoenix this afternoon, wating for our flight. We calculated that from the time the plane leaves Phoenix to the time it arrives in Singapore will be 25 hours (including 5.5 hours in lay over, and the rest in the air.) We are flying Cathay Pacific, which was recently rated as the best airline in the world for customer service in an international survey.

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